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Consulting and service in automation, electronics, IT and webmastering.
Distributor of electronics in various sectors.

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LED-Displays optimally matching your needs.
LED � the light of the presence and future!

HIFI and Multimedia � unbeatable in price and performance.
Elektronics for everyone.

Online shop around automation engineering!
Network systems, phone and BUS systems for both corporate and private customers

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Low-cost solutions for positioning-controls and positioning-systems � unbeatable inexpensive!

Online shop around household-automation!
For example wastewater pumps, controlsystems for cisterns and wastewater.




To stay competitive in globalizing markets it is neccessary to optimize productivity and efficiency of technical systems and hard- and software components permanently. Therefor you need a flexible, reliable and competent partner with a wide range of solutions for every level of development of your system and electronic components and devices.

Our offers for automation and electronic conception are divided into 7 categories:

Scheduling & conception

In this project phase we establish together the basis for your successful automation or electronic project

We provide to you competent support from the very beginning and develop in dialogue with you the optimal solution for your individual project.


Together we analyze the demands of your processes, check how far available products, technologies and services can match these demands and develop if neccessary specific solutions for your unique requirements.

Requirements specification

On your basic informations we create a basic concept (reqirements specification). The requirements specification is the foundation for the concept's technical checkup and also the first calculation is based on it.

Functional specification

Therefor we gather and describe all factors which are relevant for the automation of your system. All tasks will be defined exactly. This ensures that all concerned partners speak "the same language" and misunderstandings or misinterpretations are avoided at the outset.The functional specification in combination with resource-planning and project-management increases the efficiency in the project planning phase tremendously and saves time and costs.


With the right selection of components and boards we establish the right basis for a successful project. To give you the right basis from the very beginning, we choose together with you regarding to your guidelines the right products and technologies, so we can achieve an oiptimal concept for your system. A successful project is based on the conept and a binding calculation.

Proposal preparation

You get a detailed offer in which all components and costs are listed clearly. We clear the compatibility of different hard- and software and show you options and alternatives.

Projection & development

In this project phase we support you with adequate services from the configaration to the realisation of your automation project.

Project planning

The project planning contains the actual selection and arrangement of the appropriate automation components and boards (hardware and software) and detailed draft of the structure or architecture of the automation project.

Software engineering

We develop a appropriate solution exactly for your project.

Switchgear control cabinet engineering

Together with our partners we deliver for you complete switchgears and the assambly for your system or process automation. From the professional installation of the sensortechnology / actuator engineering to the delivery of the complete process control you get everything from one source. Our switch cabinet construction equips your production from small machine control and complex system controls to complete manufacturing plants.

Acceptance test

Before the delivery of your system we check it for compliance with your specifications and demonstrate you the features detailed step by step.

Installation & commissioning

Installation and assemply

Assembly by professionals:
We gladly take over or control all assembly and installation works, which accrue on-site while setting up your system.

Commissioning and test

Before commissioning we mak preliminary start-up test. During this test we check your system for security and functions - everything recorded in detail for you.

Operation & maintenance

Service and support

Off course we help you after the commissioning-phase, too. We also provide maintenance and care services for you with our motivated and flexible service team and partners.

Service (-contract)

Service on your demands: All services are customized for your individual demands to guarantee an optimal availability of your system. You may define all possible options. For example remote monitoring and diagnosis, the time until the expert arrives or arrangements for services beyond the usual working hours.


With professional maintenance we get conditions for a secured availability of your system. We examine and evaluate the actual state of your system and take the neccessary measures to achieve the desired status. With a individual mainenance-contract we determine the single working steps and maintenance intervals.

Retrofit & rework

We optimize and modernize your system to protect your investment. Prepare your system for everyday use and the future - our help is decisive for this task!

Project-management for automation-projects

Completely independant from our other services we provide a professional project-management for automation-projects so that a given project can be realized targeted (adherence to schedules, cost and budget... ).

Distribution of electronic components

We are very successful and completely independant from our core competences in distribuing electronic boards for automation industry and electric and electronic devices throughout our subsidiary portals (,

Complete redevelopment

The field of complete redevolopment also covers besides demolition works and bricklaying, electrical installation, plasterwork, roof restoration, air-conditioning, tilework in bath , kitchen and flooring installation, water installations and the setting of networks, telephone systems and satellite technology

Webdesign & webmastering

We create your completely customized internet presence no standard homepage. We redeem the up to date standards for valid XHTML, CSS, usability and accessability.

Off course we provide also update and maintenance services for your web content. A complete rework or redesign of your already existing internet presence is possible too.